Injunction bars Diablo from producing, selling memory controller chips

Ottawa-based Diablo Technologies has been ordered to stop manufacturing, using, distributing or selling high-speed memory controller chips used by computer manufacturers, including SanDisk.

California-based Netlist Inc. issued a release Tuesday announcing a judge in its home state has granted an injunction against Diablo preventing it and SanDisk from manufacturing and selling the chipset or the SanDisk ULLtraDIMM solid state drive that uses the chip.

The judge found Netlist is “likely to prevail” in its lawsuit against Diablo, which is due in court in March.

Netlist is accusing Diablo of using its technology without its consent to develop the chipset. Diablo CEO and co-founder Riccardo Badalone has previously called those claims “baseless.”

The California judge rejected Diablo’s assertion it had retained rights to use the technology under a previous agreement between the two companies.

Diablo will be in court on March 9 to fight allegations that include trade secret misappropriation and breach of contract.

The two companies have been embroiled in the bitter dispute since 2013.