First Confederation Line train to hit Ottawa tracks soon

First of 34 trains arrives in Ottawa

There is still a lot of concrete to pour and track to lay down, but the first Confederation Line train will be on the rails within days.

By Ryan Tumilty

LRV – 1, as it’s named, the first fully assembled and operational train car for the new line, arrived in Ottawa this week from an assembly facility in Hornell, NY.

It will be running on the line soon, between the Belfast maintenance yard and the main track as part of the early testing.

Richard Holder, the city’s chief of rail systems and operations integration, said having the first train ready to hit the line is a milestone for the project.

“It demonstrates that all of the various components do work together and we now have that as a functional train,” he said.

The rest of the line trains will be assembled at the Belfast Yard and will follow LRV – 1 onto the tracks not long after it hits the rails.

He said having the trains here now means they will be able to test them in all conditions well before they start carrying people to work and back.

“It was always desired that we have the vehicles moving on the track over two winters,” he said.

This article originally appeared in Metro News.