Feds give Hydro Ottawa $5M to pilot smart grid tech in local communities

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Hydro Ottawa’s vision for the future of the capital’s energy grid will get a power boost from the federal government as it pilots the project in local communities.

On Friday the feds announced a $5-million contribution through Natural Resources Canada to Hydro Ottawa’s microgrid energy project with Ottawa Community Housing Corp.

Hydro Ottawa’s MiGen Transactive Grid sees homes, businesses or defined communities install self-contained energy grids to generate their own power. The system uses solar panels to generate the energy, which can be used immediately, stored in lithium batteries to protect against outages, shared with neighbours or sent back into the wider National Capital Region energy grid.

An OCHC spokesperson confirmed the MiGen system is already installed in the corporation’s Viewmount and Sand Cherry complexes, adding that the federal funding will help finance similar projects in the region.

Hydro Ottawa’s website detailing the MiGen project claims the concept will bring cleaner and more reliable power to Ottawa users while also reducing the amount of wasted energy.