Councillors pre-emptively approve greater density for Barrhaven properties

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The city has cleared the path for new development southwest of downtown Ottawa by agreeing to rezone several properties clustered together on Woodroffe Avenue, north of Strandherd Drive.

By Mark Brownlee.

The city’s planning committee, the municipal body responsible for deciding which buildings go where, voted Tuesday to change the zoning designation for 10 properties on the northwest and southwest corners of Woodroffe Avenue and Deerfox Drive.

The vote means developers will now be able to construct residential buildings in some areas up to 11 metres, which is the equivalent of roughly three storeys. The new zoning also allows for commercial space to be developed at ground level on some of the properties.

The rezoning vote was different than many of those approved at planning committee. Instead of a developer requesting a decision on a property it owns, councillors decided to change the zoning before an application had been received to create certainty for residents in the area.

City staff anticipate the decision in this area will lead to high-density uses such as townhouses.

The committee’s decision to rezone the land will next go to a full meeting of city council for final approval.