Bank of Canada's 'reimagined' museum aims to make monetary policy fun


The Bank of Canada is embarking on a new mission with its soon-to-be-opened museum to show people just how much fun monetary policy can be.

The bank says highlights of the museum include an exhibit where visitors can design their own banknote and a video game that simulates the flight of a rocket ship through a galaxy of inflationary and deflationary forces.

Governor Stephen Poloz gave a sneak peek Tuesday of the revamped Bank of Canada Museum at its headquarters in downtown Ottawa.

The free museum is scheduled to reopen July 1 after a four-year closure during which the Bank of Canada offices underwent major renovations.

The museum features old banknotes, coins and other artifacts as well as interactive exhibits that explain how the economy works.

Poloz says it's a ”totally reimagined” museum that helps visitors, especially young people, explore all the functions of the Bank of Canada.