Another developer proposes private student residence in Sandy Hill

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A Toronto-based developer is proposing a nine-storey apartment building for students in Sandy Hill.

By Jacob Serebrin

The proposed building at 45 Mann Ave. is adjacent to the University of Ottawa’s Sports Complex.

According to the planning rationale prepared for the developer, a single-purpose company called 45 Mann LP, the building would help to alleviate growing demand for student housing in the area while allowing Sandy Hill to maintain its family character.

“In response to the ongoing trend of home conversions, the City of Ottawa has recently

introduced a temporary moratorium on creating new converted rooming houses within

Sandy Hill and other neighbourhoods close to universities,” reads the rationale prepared by FOTENN Consultants.

“However, as enrollments continue to rise, and the pressure to find housing for students close to the University of Ottawa continues, solutions to the housing shortage are required.”

In addition to a building permit, the developer is also seeking a zoning change. It’s asking the city to increase the maximum building height at the site, reduce setbacks, remove the visitor parking requirement and reduce the number of parking spots required.

The proposed building would have 136 units, with between one and four bedrooms. The building would have a total of 355 bedrooms. The apartments would be fully furnished. It would also have one level of underground parking, with room for 52 vehicles and 133 bicycles.

A three-and-a-half storey building currently on the site would be torn down.

This isn’t the only private student residence in the works in the area, Viner Assets has proposed a similar project at Laurier Avenue E and Friel Street.