Airport cabbies to join Blueline, Capital fleets

Airport taxi drivers can join Ottawa’s Blueline and Capital fleets, the Ontario labour board has ruled.

The 137 drivers will get to choose which company they want to work for in order of seniority, according to an agreement reached June 27, ending a 10-month lock-out at the airport.

Up to 95 drivers will join Blueline, and the rest will go to Capital.

Labour board vice-chair Matthew Wilson said the decision was "the most appropriate and equitable way" to divvy up the drivers, considering the two companies had been covering the airport since the Airport Taxi fleet was kicked off the stand last summer.

Airport Taxi drivers haven’t been allowed to pick up passengers there since a dispute about pick-up fees boiled over into pickets, road blocks and protests in August and September.

About a dozen airport drivers aren’t even allowed to drop people off on airport property anymore after the airport authority issued trespass notices during the rowdy pickets.

Monday’s ruling said the union has agreed to "help" those drivers have the notices lifted.

Blueline and Capital will start phasing the new drivers in next week, and within 30 days all drivers who accepted the offer should be working, Mr. Wilson ruled.

This article originally appeared on on June 29.