2015 a record year for e-djuster

Ottawa-based e-djuster had a record year in 2015 for new customer relationships, claim volume increase and revenue growth, it said Tuesday.

The contents valuation firm, which was formed in 2000, saw most of its growth in the U.S. market, it said.

CEO Andy Williams said insurers were drawn to e-djuster for reasons that include its consistent performance on major claims and its ability to deliver product data.

“We are building on this strength and continue to build our brand in 2016 so that the name e-djuster is truly recognizable when it comes to contents valuation and services,” Mr. Williams said in a statement.

The firm achieved double-digit revenue growth from claims and software service in 2015. It said the growth came from adding new clients, enhancing its platform and extending some partnerships.

Director of product management Jeff Wissing said more growth is expected for 2016.

“2016 will feature continued expansion of our platform, as we respond to the growth and needs of our client base,” he said in a statement.