Consumer prices up across Canada due in part to higher energy prices, especially gasoline.
Rapidly emerging business model features entrepreneurs operating multiple delivery-only food businesses from a network of kitchens that often don't serve walk-in customers.
Ruling could undermine the company's business model, which relies on giving away its operating system in return for opportunities to sell ads and other products.
Omnibus bill would also cancel the White Pines wind farm in Prince Edward County – a move the company behind the project says could cost Ontario residents more than $100 million.
Rogers earnings, fresh inflation figures and a vote on a massive cannabis merger are among the events expected to make headlines in the days ahead.
Ottawa’s hot economy continues to add jobs month after month, leading to the region’s tightest labour market in a generation.
The speech set out a road map for the Tory government, pledging to cut taxes, provide long-term funding for the health-care system and slash government waste.
Coffee chain also plans to trial two more changes: a kids menu and a loyalty program.
The Bank of Canada raised its benchmark interest rate Wednesday in an economy that it predicts will remain resilient even as it faces an even bigger bite from deepening trade tensions.
Starbucks will make a strawless lid or straws made from alternative materials, like paper or compostable plastic.