CRTC says it's striking a balance between competitive pricing and services for consumers and a sustainable business model for telecom firms.
"It just sets a negative tone for global growth, and so everyone's going to get hit if tariffs rise ... even Canada's growth will slow down."
Banquet hall includes a performance stage, dance floor, high quality sound and LED lighting systems, remarkable acoustics and an innovative cyclorama screen ideal for slide, stage and light shows.
Privacy experts say numerous Canadians are taking to other social media platforms to join in on the #DeleteFacebook hashtag in the wake of recent revelations about the potential for their personal…
There's a sense of optimism that the unofficial No. 1 issue in the NAFTA talks might be close to resolution.
Facebook has weathered many such blow-ups before and is used to apologizing and moving on. But the stakes are bigger this time.
Eligible external developers and clients will have access to some RBC banking data to build and test banking-related applications.
Tech company gets about 75 per cent of its revenue from enterprise software.
Businesses are already moving on from the barcode, including Montreal's Osheaga music festival, which prefers scannable wristbands, and Amazon's new, cashierless store in Seattle.
A federal 5G announcement, the release of new trade figures and a meeting on a Toronto 'digital neighbourhood' are among the events expected to make headlines in the days ahead.