Hydro Ottawa

Recognizing the Westin Ottawa nearly 10 years ago for its innovative conservation projects and strong environmental leadership, Hydro Ottawa continues to work with the downtown hotel as it becomes
Bryce Conrad was perfectly happy working as an assistant deputy minister in the federal government.
Take a good look at the lights in your office, store, restaurant or business.
An innovative local initiative is helping Hydro Ottawa reduce its environmental impact while making a positive difference in the community.
Slightly more than a century ago, Ottawa’s first municipally-owned utility was born.
The importance of apprenticeship and trades training to attract the next generation can’t be understated as the baby boomers reach retirement.
Generating new revenue for the City of Ottawa from space that’s otherwise unused, while at the same time making a positive difference for the environment with renewable energy.
In a move it says signifies greater possibilities to grow the city’s “green energy capacity for the future,” Hydro Ottawa announced Monday it will acquire the remaining 33 per cent interest
One of Mealshare’s founding supporters in the Ottawa region, Hydro Ottawa, is helping to turn dining out into helping out.
If your business is anything like Hydro Ottawa’s, you’re experiencing first-hand the monumental shift sparked by the retirement of the baby boomers and the influx of the millennial generation.