Small business owners will now be able to access the same commerce and delivery solutions as larger retailers.
Shopify and Kinaxis were also commended as tech leaders, while MindBridge AI was flagged as an up-and-comer
Cubicles and generic floorplans are becoming an increasingly rare sight in some corners of Ottawa.
A breakdown of who was up and who was down during Ottawa earnings week.
Even though it was Halloween, Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke was not spooked by a “short-selling troll” as he defended the firm against what he called “preposterous claims” during its quarterly earnings call…
Shopify's CEO addresses claims from what he called a "short-selling troll" and other stories to watch in Canadian business this week.
Tech employees who responded to the survey said they were most interested in compensation and benefits, followed by opportunities to learn new skills and company culture.
'It still was probably one of the most important moments of my life.'
The new positions will go towards the development of Shopify Plus, which is already the focus of the Waterloo outpost.
XPR founder Joelle Parenteau recently took up blogging.