Techopia Live

Ottawa-based startup makes use of artificial intelligence to curate and build its meditation tools.
Tandem’s conversion technology recycles CO2 emissions into more palatable byproducts such as calcium carbonate, a key ingredient in paint and toothpaste.
Who better to ask for leadership tips?
One of the other major developments for L-Spark has been the launch of SaaS North, which runs this year from Nov. 29-30.
Public sector executive has added disciplined routines to help the government keep up, such as weekly enterprise architecture reviews to set standards for the government and processes to ramp up…
Charting the future of commerce requires experimenting in virtual reality and AR, artificial intelligence in chatbots and voice-activated interfaces
Driving Women in Tech has made its way across the country from Vancouver, along the way sharing women’s stories of their struggles and successes in the tech field.
Jonathan Gagne’s outlook changed in unexpected ways the first time he tried on a virtual reality headset.
Irdeto Cloakware vice-president Jaco Du Plooy also joined Techopia Live as the cybersecurity firm celebrates its 20th anniversary.
Local companies including SimWave and Lumbec will be showcasing their work when museum reopens Nov. 17.