clean tech

Clean-tech firm reports revenues of $3.2 million for three-month period ending Feb. 28, 2018.
Canada's market share in the global clean-tech industry has fallen 12 per cent in the last decade, Ottawa-led study finds.
The clean-tech firm did end the year on a positive note with revenues of $7.6 million in the fourth quarter, an increase of five per cent year-over-year.
Thermal Energy’s FLU-ACE heat recovery systems are fuelling the growth. Revenues from that segment are up 132 per cent year-over-year in the first half of fiscal 2018.
GaN’s gallium nitride technology earns its clean-tech stripes thanks to its energy efficiency.
The federal government will give $700 million over the next five years to the Business Development Bank of Canada in a bid to grow Canada's clean technology industry.
The clean-tech firm says in a release that the hospital is expected to save $950 million annually with the implementation of its heat recovery systems, and reduce its carbon emissions by 1,738 tonnes…
An Ottawa clean-tech firm has secured a million-dollar deal for mine-water treatment at a remote site in Northern Quebec.
During the first six months of its current fiscal year, BluMetric recorded $15.4 million in domestic sales, compared to only $120,000 in international markets outside the United States.
Local clean-tech firm believes it’s possible to develop “carbon negative” fuels that priced competitively with fossil fuels.