The best time to see a lawyer is when you don’t think you need one
Sgt. Peter Merrifield is an RCMP officer with an interest in politics.
Ottawa’s Advanced Symbolics is building a brisk business out of taking the pulse of public sentiment, and it’s doing so without ever picking up the phone.
The real challenge for a lawyer is how well they can serve as their client’s champion. 
The law firm now known as Soloway Wright first opened its doors in 1945 when the late Hyman Soloway started a law practice with his friend and colleague John Mirsky.
A review of the CVs of Ottawa’s entrepreneurs will demonstrate that it is a group full of fresh ideas and that loves to pursue new opportunities.  The passion for starting a new business
When clients need more, it makes sense to give them more.
You’re angry, hurt and upset. You want to get back at your ex. You think back to those photos on your phone.
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As legal fees continue to rise, business professionals are often faced with a difficult decision.