The Ottawa Hospital

Medical professionals sometimes refer to the “pillars” of cancer treatment. Until recently there have been four pillars: surgery, radiotherapy, traditional chemotherapy, and precision therapy.
All the stars aligned for the Twinkle Gala, creating a magical and flawless evening that unfolded Thursday in the the Rockcliffe Park backyard party paradise belonging to Ottawa tech pioneer
With the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend just around the bend, runners and non-runners alike were reminded Tuesday night of what they’re capable of achieving, whether it’s pushing one’s body to the ne
The international medical community was turned upside down in 1895.
Dr. Lauralyn McIntyre is a Senior Scientist in the Clinical Epidemiology Program and a physician in Critical Care at The Ottawa Hospital.
Sometimes, the easiest way to do a good deed is to just do what you were going to do anyway.
Dr. Guy J.
Imagine that you are one of the thousands of people in Canada who are diagnosed with a potentially fatal blood clot this year. You take the day off work to see a specialist.
The population of a small city moves in and out of its three campuses every single day: volunteers, students, staff and medical professionals.