autonomous vehicles

Anonymously tracking Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals can produce valuable analytics on how traffic flows through areas such as intersections and border crossings.
Project will further on-road testing in the Kanata North tech park, where BlackBerry conducted the first demonstration of an autonomous vehicle on a public street in Canada last year.
University received $974K grant to identify areas where autonomous vehicles are vulnerable to threats.
Ahead of this week’s Autonomous Vehicles Summit in Kanata, BlackBerry’s advances can’t be ignored
Asian tech firm has plans to develop driverless cars with Chinese automakers.
Trucks are not yet driving themselves out of warehouses and down the highways, but companies of all sizes – including General Motors, Google and Uber – are testing out the technology.
Officials from around the country hoping to establish Ottawa as a hub for autonomous vehicles seem to have set the pace car in their efforts: BlackBerry QNX.
A self-driving car made its way down a public street in Kanata on Thursday afternoon – a Canadian first that puts Ottawa in the driver’s seat when it comes to being an autonomous vehicle
Thursday’s demo, featuring a BlackBerry QNX vehicle, will also mark the first time an autonomous vehicle will be connected to city infrastructure on Canadian roads.
Some of the world's biggest maritime firms have committed to designing ships that won't need any captains or crews – at least not on board.