UnCo. assembles customized wardrobe capsules with mixes of tops, pants, skirts and dresses from partner brands, many of which are women-led clothing companies.
An Ottawa cybersecurity company is taking its solution to market with the feds behind it, thanks to a program focused on giving startups their first step into the industry.
The thousands of travellers passing through the Ottawa International Airport daily will get a peek at one of the city’s top technology companies as well as a piece of Hollywood hardware.
Open-source solutions gain ground on industry leader
Ottawa-based Learn Leap Fly is among 11 semifinalists in an international competition designed to discover how technology can improve access to education for hundreds of millions of youth
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MadeMill, the on-site workshop and digital media lab inside the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards, opened its doors Friday. Equipped with water-jet cutters, 3D printers and a variety of artistic and…
The message floating about social networks and news sites this week is that Amazon is coming to Ottawa.
But if you think this is the best deal on the Internet, what commenters had to say will blow your mind
Techopia Live’s producer Craig Lord (who is definitely not also writing this post) took the hotseat this week to talk about the biggest Ottawa tech