The federal government is hoping to capture a bit of Shopify’s magic.
The made-in-Ottawa product – a combination of rugged hardware and proprietary software – could become the new industry standard for spectral sensors.
Current headcount of 15 is expected to quickly double
One of the other major developments for L-Spark has been the launch of SaaS North, which runs this year from Nov. 29-30.
Spectrafy develops sensors that measure the sun’s spectrum and other atmospheric activity such as greenhouse gas emission levels and solar radiation.
Public sector executive has added disciplined routines to help the government keep up, such as weekly enterprise architecture reviews to set standards for the government and processes to ramp up…
There’s a talent shortage out there.
Five up-and-coming startups will also have the chance to compete in a pitchfest for a $25,000 prize with more than $100,000 worth of in-kind professional services.
Tech employees who responded to the survey said they were most interested in compensation and benefits, followed by opportunities to learn new skills and company culture.
“Silicon Valley, everyone wants to believe,” Bitaccess CEO Moe Adham told Techopia Live. And yet, the company didn’t stay in California. They came back.