“An investor told me, 'it’s a suicide project.'"
Ottawa e-commerce giant challenged thousands of existing, later-stage companies to scale up beyond revenues around $1 million to reach levels of $50 million and beyond.
For business owners, it's three customers that wouldn’t have otherwise found their way to the bar that night. For customers, hey, it’s free nachos and a night out with friends.
Ottawa firm develops sensors that can analyze the structural integrity of concrete structures, detecting cracks before they lead to collapse.
Ten new full-time staff will join hub for experimental e-commerce technology.
As advanced a tool as modern search engines are, they often miss the individual teachers and providers in a community.
Ottawa’s top public sector techie will deliver the keynote address this weekend at Drupal North, the first time the annual developers' event has come to the Capital.
The idea for Ruckify, an online platform where people can post their unused goods, tools or property for rent, arose in an unlikely way when a tree fell in front of Cody’s house.
“If we’re not the next PayPal, if we’re not the next Visa, we kind of failed.”
The 37-year-old’s profile on the list suggests Shopify’s CEO has been relatively low-key in the firm’s success to date, but that with the company’s continual success since its IPO and having recently…