If your firm needs some extra talent this summer, there’s a case to be made for going the student route
The university is currently gearing up for the opening of its new STEM Complex this September.
Ciena, Ericsson, Thales, IBM and CGI will spend $200 million over the next five years on research in an Ontario-Quebec corridor focused on developing 5G technology.
Startup founders often grapple with an expertise gap on their leadership team when it comes to raising capital.
Bootstrap Award winner designs systems and develops tech to treat water in ways that minimize environmental impact.
Local biotech firm recently pivoted from its personal DNA testing cube – billed as a precursor to instant at-home diagnoses – to detecting the bacteria responsible for Legionnaires Disease.
Cancer Computer accepts server donations from partners, refurbishes those rigs and rents the supercomputing power to researchers at little or no cost
A key concern for many startups is how to fairly compensate staff, especially in the early stages when the budget is tight.
‘Our tool basically is the first step to … have Google Analytics for brick-and-mortar stores.’
Cultural impressions of tech as a man’s game persist today, panelists