When you’re trying to get from the Rideau Centre to Bayshore Mall, you may know that starting on Sunday you’ll have to take bus route No. 11 instead of the traditional No. 2. But how will Google Map’…
Shopify is bolstering its online and offline merchant offerings by expanding its reach into real-world retail with a new device and an interface aimed at streamlining customers' e-commerce purchases.
Fresh of a countrywide “Innovation Nation” tour, Microsoft Canada’s John Weigelt was feeling nostalgic for the early days of confederation.
Space fanatics get set for launch, because NASA’s International Space Apps competition is coming to Ottawa.
Invest Ottawa looks for assistance in crafting a five-year strategic plan for growing the National Capital Region’s companies.
University of Ottawa engineering students did away with the dioramas and baking soda volcanoes this week as the faculty put on a science fair like no other.
University of Ottawa researcher known for growing ears on apples wants to hear 'audacious' ideas from community
Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Three Ottawa CEOs walk onto Parliament Hill…
While researchers and innovators may have fallen under the spell of science and technology, many more are seemingly disenchanted by the field, observes Ottawa high school student Mathilde Papillon in…
Anyone nostalgic for the OC Transpo of old can get a retro feel with a locally developed app that will have many remembering waiting for a cold bus with only a screen to give warmth.