Driving Women in Tech has made its way across the country from Vancouver, along the way sharing women’s stories of their struggles and successes in the tech field.
There’s a talent shortage out there.
XPR founder Joelle Parenteau recently took up blogging.
The 100-plus page document highlights the strengths of both cities’ talent pool, their tech sector and post-secondary institutions and also includes prospective sites as suggestions for where the…
Jonathan Gagne’s outlook changed in unexpected ways the first time he tried on a virtual reality headset.
Michael Bell interviews some of Ottawa’s most successful entrepreneurs to find out how they motivate and inspire their teams
“We are a ‘steady pace wins the race’ kind of company,” says co-founder Christian Desjardins.
In the midst of great success and innovation, it’s easy to lose sight of the sacrifices that entrepreneurs make when they set out to launch a business.
Thursday’s demo, featuring a BlackBerry QNX vehicle, will also mark the first time an autonomous vehicle will be connected to city infrastructure on Canadian roads.
If your business is not growing, odds are it is slowly dying. In my years as a CEO, I’ve seen the early warning signs of both scenarios.