Executives hope to raise prices on some routes in the coming weeks.
Total sales for the quarter were up 5.8 per cent to $51 million.
Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal are Canadian candidate host cities.
Why Trump wants to get rid of it – and why federal governments of all stripes have said no.
Some call the exercise a 'public relations response,' but say it could prompt other companies to assess how they can be more inclusive.
Earnings from DavidsTea and AirTransat, as well as a fresh look at Canadian household debt levels, are among the stories expected to make headlines in the days ahead.
Accusations largely confirmed the worst-case scenarios the government had for the G7 summit in Quebec.
Mobile 5G wireless technology is up to 100 times faster than the 4G system, promising better internet on smartphones well as potential applications for self-driving cars and other new technology.
The fallout from Trump's imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs on his G7 partners, as well as broader disagreements on trade and climate change, was also fuelling the G6-plus-one divide that has…
Marijuana industry titans will gather in New Brunswick next week to discuss how to market cannabis in a competitive legal marketplace, and other issues raised by the dawn of government-run weed.