Ottawa’s entrepreneurs have the right mindsets to launch and scale up their businesses, but the startup community could use a bit more cohesion, according to the latest report from a global…
Vocal user interfaces, greater 'augmented intelligence' are on the horizon.
Ottawa tech firm working to be at the forefront of retail revolution
CEO Lütke says attacker needs to ‘get the ... facts right’
Assent Compliance, RBC, RealDecoy and Shopify were honoured for hiring and integrating immigrants into the workplace
The Ottawa e-commerce firm has also found success on social media this week after Instragram said it would expand its Shopify-powered product tag across Canada.
CEO Tobi Lutke tweeted that he hopes this model becomes the future of developer education.
Shapero comes to the Ottawa tech firm from online wealth management firm Betterment, where she served in the top accounting role since 2016.
Money will help e-commerce firm “fund its growth strategies.”
Results 'speaks to how far we have come in the past few years,' chief financial officer says.