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Driving Women in Tech has made its way across the country from Vancouver, along the way sharing women’s stories of their struggles and successes in the tech field.
Jonathan Gagne’s outlook changed in unexpected ways the first time he tried on a virtual reality headset.
Irdeto Cloakware vice-president Jaco Du Plooy also joined Techopia Live as the cybersecurity firm celebrates its 20th anniversary.
Local companies including SimWave and Lumbec will be showcasing their work when museum reopens Nov. 17.
Fresh off Martello Technologies’ listing on the Profit 500 list, CEO Bruce Linton told Techopia Live the coming year will likely see the firm make an acquisition or two and possibly even launch a…
Founders Paul Vallée and Fred Boulanger took the orange seat to talk about how Pythian and Macadamian have changed over two decades, and how the Ottawa scene has changed around them. backs up SMEs' storefronts and makes that data accessible for restores and retrieving lost data, a service that co-founder Mike Potter says isn't covered by big e-commerce providers.
“An investor told me, 'it’s a suicide project.'"
“If we’re not the next PayPal, if we’re not the next Visa, we kind of failed.”
Asking for help – and actually receiving it – is a phenomenon perhaps unique to Ottawa, the tech veteran says.