Air Transat

Passengers were trapped aboard the jets for about five hours and testified at public hearings about sweltering heat, a lack of water and the stench of vomit in the cabin.
Report comes four months after the two flights – one from Rome, the other from Brussels – sat on the tarmac in Ottawa for almost five and six hours, respectively, with passengers not allowed to…
Shares of Transat plummeted 9.2 per cent at $9.15 on the Toronto Stock Exchange even though it profits nearly tripled during the summer.
Air Transat captain said he considered keeping passengers aboard the delayed aircraft to be the lesser of two evils.
Investigator's report found multiple areas of dispute between the airline, the airport and the private operator that provides ground services in Ottawa.
Analyst says "intense competitive environment" means airline still faces long-term challenges.
Ottawa airport reiterates it was ready to help and says Air Transat had "many options available"
But the airline is pointing fingers at airport