As Shopify grew, the tech firm entered further into the mainstream and into the scrutiny of the public eye.
Officials from around the country hoping to establish Ottawa as a hub for autonomous vehicles seem to have set the pace car in their efforts: BlackBerry QNX.
The 2017 edition of the EIC-PEI saw an impressive array of concepts that showcased students’ wide interests and talents.
Competition to host “HQ2” left Ottawa’s tech sector to speculate about if the city would have a shot – and whether winning would even be a good thing.
The city's main economic development agency evolved over the course of 2017 under new leadership.
Opinions on the state of Ottawa’s tech scene, the role Invest Ottawa should play, whether we really should’ve bid for Amazon HQ2 and more
2018 needs to be the year Ottawa tech gets loud, attendees say
The app, dubbed aTouchAway, connects patients such as aging Ontarians with caregivers and family.
Annual recurring revenue has grown around 2-3x this past year as the TV app developer looks to reach $100 million in revenues.
It has a built-in communications network. It can recognize your face. It detects motion, seismic activity, wind speed, even smells. And it looks like a traffic cone.