Real Estate

The federal government is asking local landlords if they’d be interested in leasing the region’s largest tenant some 28,200 square feet for a five-year term starting in 2019.
Colliers says shorter lease terms of three and seven years, rather than the standard five- and 10-year terms, are becoming more common.
The NCC said both sides have agreed on “fair market value” for the property, but the final price tag will be determined only after the costs of cleaning up contaminated land have been established.
Project marks Serenity Design & Development's first foray into residential construction.
The aging Canadian population is increasing interest among developers and investors in retirement residences.
Colliers says limited supply has some large industrial space users looking at abandoned big box retail locations.
New building is designed by local architect Project1 Studio
New 154-unit residential building will be located just north of Highway 417, less than a kilometre east of the Kanata Centrum Shopping Centre.
The Royal Ottawa has a $12-million annual contract with a consortium that includes Carillion for services that range from keeping the power on to changing linens.
“Acquisition opportunities like (this) do not come up often.”