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“November numbers are upholding the robust year we have been experiencing in 2017," says OREB president Rick Eisert.
High-calibre team plans to double the company in 10 years
City staff, developers offer different theories for decline
It would be the first rental property in Ottawa for Katasa, which also said it plans to develop retirement homes and student residences on the Ontario side.
However, vacancy rates are expected to face upwards pressure in 2019 as developers complete rental construction projects.
The finished product would retain the church’s facade and main building but demolish the assembly hall at the rear, a piece that was added two decades after its initial construction.
“We want philanthropy to really make an impact and create change. We care about the return on investment.”
For building owners, up-front capital expenditures translate into a larger return on investment down the road.
Departments replacing traditional offices with more flexible space.
In this op-ed, Ottawa architect Toon Dreessen explains how the public sector can spark more innovative designs – while saving money – by rethinking procurement processes.