As Canada 150 celebrations ramp up in the capital, annual Ottawa festivals are planning for a big boost in attendance.
An Ottawa hair stylist whose scissors tended to the tresses of some of the country's biggest political players has died.
Medical professionals sometimes refer to the “pillars” of cancer treatment. Until recently there have been four pillars: surgery, radiotherapy, traditional chemotherapy, and precision therapy.
A Canadian think-tank is raising its economic outlook for the National Capital Region for 2017 on the strength of government hiring and a surge in tourist visits coinciding with Canada’s
Founded in 2012, FRAMOS Technologies has posted yearly sales increases that would make most tech juggernauts envious. Over the past three fiscal years, its revenues have skyrocketed by nearly 4,000…
For VoIP phone services provider Versature, returning to OBJ’s list of Ottawa’s fastest-growing companies – with an even faster growth rate this time around – came down to marketing.
But limited interest in Canada Day campgrounds prompts city to scale back plans
Some critics say the decision to build a west-end arena is behind the Sens’ failure to sell out playoff games. As Bruce Firestone argues, the Senators would be playing in Anaheim if the then-…
For Mishkumi Technologies, a changing market became an opportunity for growth.
The way Solink CEO Mike Matta sees it, his Kanata-based firm is on the cutting edge of a technological revolution.