More cranes, scaffolding and construction workers are scheduled to head to Parliament Hill later this year as the federal government tackles “deteriorated” sections of East Block.
Propelled by several large condo and apartment projects, as well as the ongoing work on the city’s light-rail line, Ottawa’s construction sector fell just shy of a record year in 2016, an analysis
The federal government says it’s planning another major overhaul of the central heating and cooling plant that serves dozens of downtown Ottawa buildings.
Public Works is looking to hire an architectural firm to help it draft plans for a major overhaul of the country’s single-largest federal office complex so that it no longer poses a health and safe
Centre Block has loomed large over Ottawa’s economy for more than a century, symbolizing the outsized role the federal government plays in the local business community.
Highway 417 will be expanded along Carlington and Westboro, with four years of construction expected to start in 2017. By Dylan C. Robertson
An Alberta-based investment firm says it’s purchased a major stake in a local general contractor.
City officials say “a minor construction incident” temporarily trapped three workers late Thursday afternoon after some reinforcing steel came loose in Ottawa’s light-rail tunnel near the Universit
Carleton University is preparing to launch a $50-million initiative to reduce its carbon footprint by making its facilities more energy efficiency, retrofitting several building as well as creating
The University of Ottawa has filed development plans for its next large-scale construction project, a new science, technology, engineering and math building planned for the southwest corner of camp