A massive, unoccupied government building in downtown Ottawa is getting a complete overhaul, with a tender now out for the project.
The city has released its report on the cause of the June 8 Rideau Street sinkhole, which blames the incident on sandy soil conditions rather than a faulty watermain.
The Sir John Carling Building sat on the land until it was imploded in 2014, but the demolition left behind a chemical residue that leaked into groundwater.
Plans for a major rehabilitation of the Hog’s Back Bridge and dam are moving ahead, but it’s still at least another year before construction gets underway.
The City and its LRT contractor are defending the safety record of the Confederation Line, as the president of the city's labour council raises concerns the project is being rushed.
The City of Ottawa received a new design application earlier this month for the derelict Somerset House, opening the lat
Construction firm previously consulted on projects in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.
More cranes, scaffolding and construction workers are scheduled to head to Parliament Hill later this year as the federal government tackles “deteriorated” sections of East Block.
Propelled by several large condo and apartment projects, as well as the ongoing work on the city’s light-rail line, Ottawa’s construction sector fell just shy of a record year in 2016, an analysis
The federal government says it’s planning another major overhaul of the central heating and cooling plant that serves dozens of downtown Ottawa buildings.