City Hall

Affected roadway is a key arterial street for motorists leaving Ottawa's central business district.
Complaints about parking violations once again topped the list of most common beefs.
“We’re not interested in subsidizing an arena."
Watson is expected to be away from City Hall for several days.
The unexpected announcement at the start of Wednesday’s council meeting scuttled an expected showdown between the mayor and a group of eight councillors who wanted to raise property taxes by an…
Motion runs counter to Mayor Jim Watson’s pledge to cap increases to 2%
Mayor wants to build on momentum generated as part of Canada 150 celebrations.
Municipal councillor disagrees with suggestion that the city has neglected Orléans.
Residents asked for input on 'most important things for the City to consider to ensure the future success of Sparks Street.'
Three days of hearings ends with city councillors endorsing application to construct shelter on Montreal Road.