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Better Buildings Breakfast: Climate Disruption and The Imperative for Low Carbon Buildings

Climate disruption poses a serious threat to our environment, health and economy and is one of the defining challenges of our time.

Buildings are a significant cause of GHG emissions. With approximately half a million commercial and institutional buildings in Canada alone, there is a huge opportunity for those working in the buildings industry to have a positive impact on environmental sustainability.

The good news is that government, the green building industry and the private sector are taking action to address climate disruption by embracing and implementing sustainable policies, programs and innovative technologies across the built environment.

On Sept. 28, an interactive panel of recognized experts from government, CaGBC and the private sector will convene to discuss the impact of climate disruption. They will share progress being made, outline best practises to adopt and discuss the emerging technologies that will ensure the sustainability of our environment and our operations for years to come.