Addition expected to results in 12% boost to banquet revenue this year and a similar growth in staff numbers.
Coinciding with Winterlude, Mosaïvernales will feature 25 ice and snow sculptures, paralleling the topiaries on display this past summer during MosaïCanada150.
Passengers were trapped aboard the jets for about five hours and testified at public hearings about sweltering heat, a lack of water and the stench of vomit in the cabin.
Local tourism industry needs a long-term plan to make sure the goodwill generated by city’s Canada 150 celebrations doesn’t go to waste once the glow has faded, experts say
"I think we've changed the perception people have about Ottawa."
With the current forecast offering up temperatures close to -28 Celsius with 15 km/hour winds, fireworks and a multimedia light show might not work.
“Being able to say, ‘We’re in this prominent museum and look at the work we’ve done,’ definitely helps.”
The Conference Board of Canada projects that this year's tourism gains will be sustained through 2018.
Airbnb hosts will still have to collect the charge, which is expected to raise $12M annually for Ottawa Tourism
Sending "Faya" a message along with the user’s location generates a list of nearby attractions, such as museums or statues, and a list of things to do.