Ottawa CEOs have previously taken a stance on getting the federal government focused on building Canadian successes.
Martello announced last month that it would pursue a public listing on the TSX Venture Exchange.
Volvo joins automakers such as Toyota and Nissan using the Kinaxis solution, and marks a major sale in the European market, where the firm just finished a hiring spree for new sales staff.
On-premise revenue stream contracted faster than expected this past quarter while Mitel's cloud-based business was growing in line with management’s expectations.
Kinaxis shares sank Thursday morning despite CEO John Sicard championing the “predictability” of the Ottawa firm’s growth.
Project will further on-road testing in the Kanata North tech park, where BlackBerry conducted the first demonstration of an autonomous vehicle on a public street in Canada last year.
Two Ottawa artificial intelligence firms announced separate funding rounds this week, raising a combined $14.5 million and elevating the capital’s AI profile.
Clearford is engaging in a new business strategy that would see the firm offer a full suite of water and wastewater solutions to municipalities and private developers, much like a utilities operator.
CEO Tobi Lütke expressed rare frustration with analysts who he perceives to be in search of, as he put it, Shopify’s “Achilles’ heel.”
Though 88% of Kinaxis’ revenues in 2017 were from North American customers, the firm has indicated a desire to further expand operations internationally.