Algonquin Park antenna has an edge over traditional telescopes used in observation as it’s unaffected by daylight or weather restrictions.
After just four years in the business, the team of 12 full-time staff has expanded to six cities and assembled a crew of roughly 400 people that has cleaned more than 13,000 homes.
A talented workforce, relatively high household income and a strong sense of community are among the reasons several Ottawa entrepreneurs say they chose Orléans as the location to launch and expand…
Firm sees ‘global opportunity’ in compliance software
With a device inside structures such as bridges and buildings themselves, contractors and other stakeholders can check the concrete’s stress levels, temperature, humidity and more in real time…
Solink makes software that uses artificial intelligence to analyze security footage at restaurants, retail outlets and banks in an effort to detect fraud and theft.
“Ottawa’s leading the market (in tech development) in so many ways, but the companies don’t know how to break into the federal government because there’s contracting and procurement minefields."
Approach is to play it down the middle – making it part cloud company, part on-premise data company.
Restructuring involves global layoffs and the closure of multiple offices as the company consolidates engineering operations.
CEO Kevin Ford, who suffered a “cardiovascular event” in early April, told analysts his recovery is going well and that he expects to “ramp up back to full-time status” in the next few weeks.