Birch Bark Coffee is purchasing and installing a water purifier in an Indigenous community for every 40 bags of coffee it sells.
With travellers seeking ever-increasing amounts of information about would-be destinations online, Ottawa Tourism understood that strengthening its digital presence would be key to building on last…
Fraser, a backbencher in the Liberal government, was first elected in a byelection in 2013
After a 30-year career touring throughout Canada and the U.S., Dean Batstone felt it was time to settle down.
A roundup of the top government contracts awarded to companies with a local presence between May 14 and 18.
Montreal-born Deacon succeeds Peter Herrndorf, who stepped down from the position last June.
The latest design will now be seven storeys tall with glass and limestone accents throughout.
A roundup of the top contracts, standing offers and supply arrangements awarded between May 7 and May 11 to companies with a local office.
Annual Milken Institute gathering attracted famous names from Tom Brady to Kevin O’Leary to discuss solutions to today’s most pressing issues, writes fellow panellist and Ottawa’s own Janice McDonald
Since the start of this year alone, local employers have collectively hired 21,300 net new staff.